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AWAKE is full of nutrients and vitamins that get your body ready for the day ahead or that workout you’ve been putting off.








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Contains boron which promotes mental alertness.


A fiery kick to wake your immune system. 

Tea with three mild stimulants, including caffeine!  



Gives a nice dose of vitamin C.


Increases blood flow to your brain.


Who is this shot for?


You want that extra boost of wakefulness, but without the coffee jitters and inevitable crash. This Awake shot is not only the perfect alternative, but it has added benefits such as helping you digest your lunch! This shot is also perfect for getting yourself out the door in the morning, for a second wave of energy before a night out, or if you need to kick your immune system into action.

Why did we create this shot?


A high caffeine intake exhausts your adrenal glands due to the caffeine-induced adrenaline rushes, and this ultimately impacts your natural hormone cycles (stress, reproduction, sleep-wake cycles). It is hard to go cold turkey on coffee, so what alternative energy boosts can we turn to after that one daily coffee? This is why we created the Awake shot.

Why should you drink this regularly?


This shot automatically powers up your taste buds and raises your alertness. By drinking this regularly, you are doing two things: firstly, you are regularly feeding your body with boron from apple, capsaicinoids from cayenne, natural stimulants from mate & gingerols from ginger which are all associated with feeling energised and alert. Secondly, you are helping your brain associate the taste of this shot with wakefulness and feeling energised which will ultimately help enhance these effects the next time you drink it. Win, win!

When should you drink this?


You need a boost to take on a task at hand, whether it’s a cardio session, a deliverable at work, a social event or an afternoon out with the kids. Give yourself the Luhv you need to stay on your toes for whatever lies ahead!

What is the main take-away message?

At Luhv, our aim is to empower our customers with the knowledge they need (which ingredients to consume and even how to combine them!) so they can take control of what they put in their bodies in order to help achieve whichever goal they may have.

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