We have designed Luhv Drinks to be as healthy for you as possible. How we process our drinks is a key part of this. That's why we have chosen to use cold press & high pressure processing to ensure our drinks are as fresh and nutrient filled as possible!

1. Firstly we gather up several pounds of the freshest fruits and vegetables delivered daily.

2. We then ever so gently squeeze them in a grinder until we have a nutrient dense pulp

3. We then 'cold press' the pulp using 2 tonnes of hydraulic pressure, extracting 3.5x the amount of enzymes, nutrients and vitamins than traditional juice.


This high pressure processing (HPP)  eliminates any bacteria and removes the need for any pasturisation!



4. We carefully combine these nutrient-dense juices into delicious recipes that nourish the body and mind!

5. We bottle up our freshly made wonder juice ready to ship out and spread the LUHV


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