This ickle shot is designed to give you optimum focus and clarity just when you need it.



Coconut water

Coffee beans



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Coconut Water

Helps replenish magnesium levels for mental focus. 


Its flavonoids boost brain blood flow. 

Catechins and caffeine help better attention and speed! 

Coffee Beans

Caffeine improves your reaction time.



Who is this shot for?


You have a lot on your plate and are feeling overwhelmed, you are having difficulties focussing on a task or when in a class, or you are simply an expert procrastinator. This Focus shot will help you tackle whichever of these hurdles you are experiencing.

Why did we create this shot?


We have all experienced being willingly or unwillingly distracted from a moment that needs our attention and focus. The cause of this could be several factors, such as tiredness, restlessness, reluctance, or brain fog. Drinking a cup of coffee will often not solve the issue at hand, and can even worsen it, so we aimed to create a shot that includes a number of specific ingredients that will help reinstate the brain clarity you seek.

Why should you drink this regularly?


By drinking this regularly, you are doing two things: firstly, you are regularly feeding your body with catechins from matcha, magnesium from coconut water, caffeine from coffee beans and flavonoids from cocoa which are all associated with feeling more focused and attentive. Secondly, you are helping your brain associate the taste of this shot with these effects which will ultimately help enhance them the next time you drink it. Win, win!

When should you drink this?


We recommend you take this shot when you need clarity and focus. You could be about to walk into a mindfulness or yoga session where you need to quieten your “monkey mind”, or you have a task at hand that needs your undivided attention. Give yourself the Luhv you need to take on the moment at hand.

What is the main take-away message?

At Luhv, our aim is to empower our customers with the knowledge they need (which ingredients to consume and even how to combine them!) so they can take control of what they put in their bodies in order to help achieve whichever goal they may have.

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