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The biggest muscle in the body with arguably the most important job!

The ingredients in this refreshing drink focus on helping your heart do its job.

Key ingredients:

Apple, red grape, blueberry, beetroot, pure cocoa.





Only 120 Calories

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Rich in pectin - this type of fibre attaches to "bad" cholesterol and promotes its removal from your body. Less clogged arteries mean lower risk of heart disease.


Red Grape

Filled with plant antioxidants and vitamin K1 which are linked to reduced hardening of your arteries - the harder they are, the less efficient they are at pumping the blood around your body.



Packed with vitamin C and plant antioxidants - these help dampen inflammation in your arteries, resulting in less cholesterol and fatty material clogging up your arteries, lowering your risk of heart disease.



Contains high levels of nitric oxide - this molecule widens your blood vessels, which means improve blood flow and lower blood pressure


Pure Cocoa

Packed with plant antioxidants that can improve the function of blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Cocoa also has healthy fats that help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (like vitamin K1).


Who is this drink for?

This Heart drink is the perfect pre-workout go-to drink, but it is also just as helpful for those who are seeking to improve their overall cardiovascular health since the ingredients are beneficial for those not only at risk of developing cardiovascular disease but for those who are simply looking to prevent developing such a risk.

Why did we create this drink?

To get the best out of your workouts you need to be sure your heart (the hardest working muscle in your body!) is given the best chance to work at its optimum. Drink Heart for a hydrated, happy and strong heart.

Why should you drink this regularly?

This drink will help you on your way to a healthier cardiovascular system. By drinking this daily, you are doing two things: firstly, you are regularly feeding your body with plant antioxidants from pure cocoa, vitamin K1 from red grapes, vitamin C from blueberries, and nitric oxide from beetroot which are all associated with positive cardiovascular effects and improved workout performance. Secondly, you are helping your brain associate the taste of this drink with these effects which will ultimately help enhance them the next time you drink it. Win, win!

When should you drink this?

We recommend you drink this before your workout, whether it’s a HIIT session, weightlifting session, a run, a hot yoga or vinyasa flow session.. essentially any activity that will raise your heart rate!

What is the main take-away message?

At Luhv, our aim is to empower our customers with the knowledge they need (which ingredients to consume and even how to combine them!) so they can take control of what they put in their bodies in order to help achieve whichever goal they may have.

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