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Like its name suggests, this drink focuses on the mind.


We’ve selected ingredients that are big hitters when it comes to supporting brain function.



Key ingredients:

Green tea, coconut water, green grape, lemon, linseed, Green Spirulina.







Only 118 Calories

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Coconut Water

Packed with potassium, one of the most important minerals in your body that lowers blood pressure, which means lower risk of stroke.

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Green Grape

Great source of vitamin K1. K1? Yes, K1.

It protects brain fats and your brain is 60% fat.

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Green Tea

Contains catechins which are a type of antioxidant that improves blood flow, which means "drum roll" more nutrients and oxygen reaching your brain to improve memory



Hello vitamin C! A powerful antioxidant that helps preserve brain function when taken with vitamin E (linseeds), and helps stop the green tea catechins degrading in your intestines.



Filled with vitamin E that maintains your brain fat levels, and also rammed with healthy fats that help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (like K1 and E)

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Green Spirulina

These blue-green algae are packed with protein and B-vitamins, both essential for producing hormones like serotonin: important for mood, learning and memory.


Who is this drink for?

You have been relentlessly working on a task or project and, whether you are either already done or not yet done, you need to replenish your brain reserves and ensure optimal brain recovery and health.

Why did we create this drink?


With the knowledge that your brain is dependent on 30% of the energy you consume through diet, it is clear that diet has a large influence on how well your brain can function and whether it is at a lesser or greater risk for developing issues. This Mind drink came into being after we carefully researched ingredients that are associated with improved cognition and brain function.

Why should you drink this regularly?


This drink will help you on your way to a hydrated and healthier brain. By drinking this regularly, you are doing two things: firstly, you are regularly feeding your body with plant antioxidants, vitamin K1 from grapes, catechins from green tea, B vitamins from spirulina, and vitamin E and healthy fats from linseeds which all contribute to optimal brain health and function. Secondly, you are helping your brain associate the taste of this drink with these effects which will ultimately help enhance them the next time you drink it. Win, win!

When should you drink this?


You are either at the start, middle or end of a task, project, study session, course, or even a conference, and feel the need to replenish your mental reserves. Having this Mind drink will help ensure optimum mental performance to continue riding this wave and tackle whatever lies ahead.

What is the main take-away message?


At Luhv, our aim is to empower our customers with the

knowledge they need (which ingredients to consume and even how to combine them!) so they can take control of what they put in their bodies in order to help achieve whichever goal they may have.

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