3 Healthy & Vegan Recipes to Pair with Luhv Drinks by @libby_cooks_

What could be better than consuming delicious juices and meals to help you improve specific health concerns in a completely natural way?

After in-depth research by Kings College London into developing juices with particular ingredients to target and benefit specific body parts, why stop there! Here are 3 simple, vegan, healthy recipes that target the same body parts as Luhv's three main cold pressed juices: MIND, HEART & SKIN.

SKIN: Spicy Roast Carrot Dal with a Fresh Raita

Health benefits: • Lentils are high in Zinc which is essential in supporting the rate white blood cell move to a site of infection to defend against it. This means zinc can help reduce spots, as these are just infections in hair follicles. Zinc has also been known to reduce sebum production, removing that oily feeling to skin and congestions of pores. • Carrots are packed with beta-carotene, a fat soluble antioxidant which gives them their vibrant colour. A fat soluble antioxidant can move into fatty tissues to be stored, in particular, beta carotene moves into the lower layers of the skin. This means eating lots of it, can have a localised effect to a flare up, and help manage inflammation in the skin! • Onion & garlic are high in quercetin, a natural antihistamine, but also has been known to inhibit enzyme activity linked to inflammation and redness of the skin.