FOCUS 60ml (12 pack)


This ickle shot is designed to give you optimum focus and clarity just when you need it.



Coconut water

Coffee beans



  • Questions

    Is this shot meant for everyone?
    Share the luhv! Our drinks are for everyone - all ages, all walks of life.

    Are the ingredients beneficial for other moods?
    The ingredients don’t have a one-way path to enhanced focus, but the ingredients we have picked for this shot have evidence to suggest they are especially beneficial for this. Packed with matcha, coffee & cocoa  - these are all associated with feeling more focused and attentive, and help give you the Luhv you need to hone in on whatever task that lies ahead! 


    What should I expect after drinking?
    Happy tastebuds and brain clarity - this shot isn’t a one-stop fix but should be drunk from time to time in those hours of need and as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    When should I drink this shot? / What time of day should I drink this?
    Thanks to the low sugar content of our shots (all natural!) you can drink this any time of the day, but the clue is in its name - this shot contains caffeine and matcha so take it when you need to focus on a task at hand, preferably not right before bed!


    Are there any side effects I should be aware of?
    Our shots are not supplements – in other words, they do not contain unnatural levels of the ingredients like you can find in processed/concentrated/chemical-based drinks or supplements. We recommend sticking to one shot at a time though, spread the luhv across the day(s)!


    Why FOCUS?
    We’ve all been there - have a lot on your plate and overwhelmed? Difficulties focussing on one thing? Expert procrastinator? We aimed to create a shot to help combat this. Our drink not only provides you with essential minerals and vitamins to help support a healthy lifestyle but also helps you in those times of need. We want to help our Luhvers feel they are capable and in control!


    What makes these ingredients work together? 

    This is not just a shot that contains caffeine. We aim to focus on and include a range of important factors so we can teach you what other nutrients to look out for and which ones to combine to help with focus. We want to help our Luhvers make informed decisions and take control of what they put in their bodies, whether it’s in shot form or whole form.


    Is this shot sweetened in any way?
    Our drinks only contain natural sugars, and these guys are present in our drinks at low levels - because the Luhv team knows you’re sweet enough.

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