4 of each of our Shot range to keep you on top of your game through out the week!

Awake, Focus, Calm

  • Questions

    Are the Shots meant for everyone?

    Share the luhv! Our drinks are for everyone - all ages, all walks of life.


    Are the ingredients beneficial for other moods?

    The ingredients don’t have a one-way path to enhance moods but the ingredients we have picked for each shot have evidence to suggest they are especially beneficial for these.


    When should I drink my shots? / What time of day?

    Thanks to the low sugar content of our shots (all natural!) you can drink them any time of the day, but the clue is in its name - AWAKE is great for the morning, FOCUS for when you reach an afternoon deep and CALM is great for an evening after a long day or just before bedtime.


    Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

    Our shots are not supplements – in other words, they do not contain unnatural levels of the ingredients like you can find in processed/concentrated/chemical-based drinks or supplements. We recommend sticking to one shot at a time though, spread the luhv across the day(s)!


    Are these shots sweetened in any way?

    Our drinks only contain natural sugars, and these guys are present in our drinks at low levels - because the Luhv team knows you’re sweet enough.

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