You can be tired and weak when recovering from an infection, but the recovery process itself also requires a lot of energy.


So we created RECOVERY to help you speed up the process!

Key ingredients:

Apple, ginger, lemon, yerba mate, cayenne.


Plant based



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Yerba Mate

This South American tea contains 3 types of xanthines which are all natural mild stimulants: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. These help energise you, enhance your physical performance, raise your alertness and reduce fatigue!


The capsaicinoids in cayenne pepper help boost blood flow to your brain, which means more nutrients and oxygen! Although your brain is only 2% of your body weight, it needs 15% of the blood pumped from your heart – so optimal blood flow means optimal function!

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The mineral boron has been shown to play a role in mental alertness, attention, hand-eye coordination, and short term memory. This may be due to its effect on enhancing your body’s absorption of magnesium which is a crucial player in energy production & maintenance of the structure and communication between brain cells!

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Recovery needs a lot of energy, and often leads to burnout. Gingerols help improve your energy reserves by increasing the insulin production after a meal or drink (like this one!). This promotes the uptake and storage of glucose (a sugar) from your blood into your skeletal muscles, so that you can tackle any activity!


Vitamin C helps fight fatigue & dizziness by improving your iron absorption. Iron helps increase your haemoglobin levels (this is the protein that gives blood its red colour!), and it is haemoglobin that carries fresh oxygen from your lungs to your body’s cells and carbon dioxide back to your lungs.

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