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It's all around us, we're surrounded by the stuff (quite literally).

All the ingredients in this drink work towards keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy.

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Rich in vitamin C, neutralises toxic molecules in your skin produced by UV rays(and acts best with vitamin E from the sunflower and pumpkin seeds we've added) to reduce skin dryness & wrinkles. 


Who is this drink for?

You want to take control of your skin health but you either feel you have tried everything or are too complexed to know where to begin. This Skin drink is the perfect complimentary ammo for you if you’re battling a skin condition or are concerned about the daily skin damage cause by the sun, pollution, abrasive skincare routines, a poor diet, or general ageing.

Why did we create this drink?


Your skin is not only the largest organ but also the most visible. This means we cannot escape the signs of general ageing and skin damage, but there are ways in which we can help our skin act as the protective barrier between our body and the internal and external environment. One way is through diet since the nutrients you feed your body can accumulate in your skin and have a major influence on skin health.

Why should you drink this regularly?


By drinking this regularly, you are doing two things: firstly, you are regularly feeding your body with curcumin from turmeric, vitamin C from oranges, manganese from pineapple, beta-carotene from carrots, healthy fats from pumpkin and sunflower seeds and so forth, which all help towards the production and maintenance of the two most important skin proteins, collagen and elastin, as well as helping protect your skin from damaging UV sun rays and the ensuing wrinkles and dryness. Secondly, by maintaining your consumption of these nutrients you are enabling your body to continually work on your skin health to ultimately enhance and prolong these effects. Win, win!

When should you drink this?

Your skin is exposed to damage and is ageing on a daily basis, so we recommend you give your skin the equivalent amount of attention – and one of the most important ways is through your diet. Especially so if you will be exposing your skin to higher amounts of sunlight or pollution than usual, or when your diet simply needs a little helping hand on particular days.

What is the main take-away message?

At Luhv, our aim is to empower our customers with the knowledge they need (which ingredients to consume and even how to combine them!) so they can take control of what they put in their bodies in order to help achieve whichever goal they may have.

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