Did you know that the most common human infectious diseases are viral respiratory illnesses?


We want to make it easy to SUPPORT the normal function of your immune system: our drink contributes to your need for an adequate and balanced supply of varied nutrients so you can respond appropriately to challenges like infections!

Key ingredients:

Raspberries, water, carrot, yellow capsicum, red finger chillies and paprika.


Plant based



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Manganese is a crucial trace element that makes one of the most important anti-oxidant enzymes (manganese superoxide dismutase) we need to help maintain immune system function (and minimise inflammation and cell damage). The vitamin E in raspberries also helps your body absorb the vitamin C in this drink!


Why is proper hydration essential for a healthy immune system? You’re 60% water, and it’s the water that carries nutrients and important players of your immune system to where they’re needed and helps carry the by-products away. 


Beta-carotene (converted to Vitamin A in your body) helps maintain the structure of your respiratory and intestinal tracts which act as barriers against infections. Added bonus: Vitamin A also helps your immune cells to function properly. 

Yellow Capsicum

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin (your body can’t store it!) so you need to top up daily. It facilitates the production, movement, and activity of immune cells, and is best absorbed when combined with vitamin E from raspberries!  

Red Finger Chillies

Vitamin B6 helps your body produce certain types of immune cells, antibodies, and a signalling protein called interleukin-2 which is needed for these immune cells to raise an alert!


The trace elements iron, copper and zinc help reduce susceptibility to infections by supporting the function and replication of immune cells, reducing inflammation, producing antibodies.. they’re multi-purpose! The vitamin C in this drink also increases your body’s absorption of the iron! 

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