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Making Health Simple

Improving health isn’t just about picking up a healthy drink, it’s about empowerment. Knowing what it does, why it does it and how it works, are fundamental to deciding if it’s what our bodies need. 


The answers to these questions are what Chris set out to discover when he hired Liz from King’s College London during her PhD. She headed up a team of scientists to discover how we could deliver evidence-based, healthy drinks to the public, whilst breaking down the science behind the ingredients.


What was the result?


Award winning plant-based drinks, that are functional, nutritional and tasty in equal measures.

There is no cheat sheet to a longer, healthier life - yet.

It is time we get back to basics and strive to understand why certain whole foods, spices, and herbs may be good for us. It is only by demystifying these complexities, that we can then hack nature and health to achieve optimum health.

Our bodies are incredible biomechanical machines, with each of our 30 trillion cells complete with infinitely complex nano factories that drive the metabolic process essential for life. A diet of natural ingredients flush with a library of information keeps our cellular processes functioning correctly, can keep us free from inflammation and metabolic disease, extending our health span and raising our quality of life. 

Why is an apple healthy


Rich in pectin - this type of fibre attaches to "bad" cholesterol and promotes its removal from your body. Less clogged arteries mean lower risk of heart disease.


Why are whole foods better than the sum of their (known) parts?

Lemon and Green Tea

The bioactive component of green tea (catechins) can degrade in your intestine (very alkaline environment) but adding pure citrus juice can reduce this! This explains why we like the green tea and lemon combo so much - our bodies know best!

Adding fresh lemon to your green tea will amplify the health benefits.

Why is green tea often served with a slice of lemon?

There’s so much more to a carrot than beta-carotene. The same can be said for an orange and vitamin C. In fact, we don’t even know all the compounds within each fruit or vegetable, and we don’t know the extent to which compounds work together to improve health.


There’s science behind why combining certain foods taste so much better.


Why is green tea often served with a slice of lemon, why does olive oil drizzled on salad leaves taste so good, and why do yoghurt, seeds and berries work so well together? Vitamin C from fruit and vitamin E from seeds work together to maintain skin health. How? The vitamin C is needed to synthesise an important protein called collagen that maintains the structure of our skin, and vitamin E ensures the connections between all the collagen fibres are upheld.


Natural food is information.

A complex and dynamic source of information that we have co-evolved with over millennia. This rich tapestry of macro, micro and phytonutrients is in essence our environment, an environment that has the power to directly interact with our DNA and alter how our genes are expressed. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. - Hippocrates

When researching ingredients that are reportedly associated with specific areas of health, we do not aim to include ingredients on a case-by-case basis but to include ingredients that work TOGETHER to go beyond their unique effects. We can harness the complex communication between taste buds, mind and body to create innovative and delicious ingredient combinations!


Natural food is the foundation of health. Over 2000 years ago, in ancient Greece, Hippocrates immortalised this wisdom with his famous quote. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This age old text now takes on a much more powerful meaning with all that modern nutrition science has discovered about the complete nutritional value of what we consume.


We explain exactly how each natural ingredients work, in simple to understand science on the back of the bottle.


Nature's finest Ingredients. Scientifically explained.


These 100% natural ingredients have been scientifically hand selected for their functions.

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