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Nature's finest ingredients. Scientifically explained.

Sunflower seeds support Skin Health

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Luhv Drinks was born from a desire to learn more about the natural ingredients we consume every day and organically grew to be a company you can rely on for knowledge and understanding of ingredients and their functions, really shouldn't be complicated, so we're making it simple.


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There's no cheat sheet to a longer, healthier life, but we can help ourselves by understanding more about the natural ingredients we consume. By using science to demystify the complexities of natural herbs, spices, and whole foods, we can learn how to work with nature to achieve optimum results.


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Beetroot contains high levels of nitric oxide - this molecule widens your blood vessels, which means improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Which of our drinks contains beetroot?

We use lemon in our Mind Drink from our Body Range to support brain function. 

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We explain exactly how each natural ingredients work, in simple to understand science on the back of the bottle.


Nature's finest Ingredients. Scientifically explained.


These 100% natural ingredients have been scientifically hand selected for their functions.