A Luhv Story


backed with science

“Luhv Drinks was born from a desire to learn more about the natural ingredients we consume every day and organically grew to be a company that you can rely on for knowledge and understanding of ingredients and their functions, ...health really shouldn’t be complicated, so we're making it simple.”

We offer simple, clear and totally transparent information on our drinks and ingredients, as well as how they work together to help make your life a little more luhv-ly. 


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Eating ginger can reduce exercise-induced muscle pain.

Research has shown that consuming just 2g of raw ginger per day for less than 2 weeks can reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by 25% - this is thanks to the gingerol compound in ginger that has anti-inflammatory effects!⠀

Source - https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100519131130.htm

Green Tea

Contains catechins which are a type of antioxidant that improves blood flow.

About Us

We’re driven to create delicious drinks with healthy purpose, made with the best ingredients and backed by evidence-based scientific research, to help make understanding our health a simpler task.


We worked with King's College London and a team of Biomedical and Dietetic scientists to scientifically understand how natural plant-based ingredients work and how they work with each other. We took all that research and created a range of drinks that focus on different areas of the body and also explain the natural ingredients and their functions on the back of the bottle. 

Find out more about the science behind our natural ingredients...

The Team

"The dream is to ensure that everyone (eventually) has access to a good base level understanding of natural ingredients and their functions...as they literally fuel our bodies."






Science & Research Team

We work with a team of scientists for all research into ingredients and their functions, including PhD lead scientist of our Kings College project where it all began. 


Head of Product Development

Jim copy.png


Jim uses all of our research and pairs ingredients into their tastiest combinations


The Results

A range of delicious, nutritious, cold press liquids that target and benefit specific parts of the body.


We called the company Luhv…because we all need a little bit of luhv in our lives, right.


Nutritional Duo

Jez and Dina our top nutritionists helps focus the direction of our drinks on to specific body groups to maxmise the health benefits.




We explain exactly how each natural ingredients work, in simple to understand science on the back of the bottle.


Nature's finest Ingredients. Scientifically explained.


These 100% natural ingredients have been scientifically hand selected for their functions.